Welcome to this new space we create to honor our muses and show how they live  #MyNinaStory.
Our first one is  Ziqing Xu, a beautiful fashion blogger from China, let’s meet her!

Ziqing Xu


Fashion blogger

Your favorite Nina Hauzer style is:
The Linda white shoes & the Diana compress bag

Which is your best way to live #MyNinaStory
(Describe your perfect day/Night wearing Nina Hauzer goods)

The Linda white shoes are my everyday shoes in the Spring. The design of the shoes reflects the branding of Nina Hauzer.
They are suitable for almost all pants, shorts, skirts and dresses.
I love the quality, the design and the simplicity of the Diana Compress bag.
I accompanied with it and spent a few wonderful days in Hawaii.

Follow Ziqing on Instagram: @ziqing__xu

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