Nina Hauzer fills your life with beauty and poetry. Each accessory is a good luck charm to be the main character of your own story.

Nina Hauzer creates top quality fashion accesories ethically made in Spain with a retro-minimalist point of view, honoring the past but with a look to the future. Luxury shapes as lucky charms with a story to tell.

A project created by Erika Stiglitz to honor her two grandmothers: Nina Zumpf and Ethel Hauzer. 

Nina Hauzer combines fashion, literature, and art to enhance the power of stories and objects in our life.



Erika Stiglitz is a poet, writer, graphic and fashion designer and merges her worlds in Nina Hauzer. Each collection is accompanied by original poetry and stories, that tell the story of her family heritage and her way of seeing the world. Her first book of poetry “The Book of Spells” speaks of the power of magic and beauty to change our lives and you can also follow her new project, Nina Manifest.


Nina Zumpf was a girl from Poland, after escaping from the 2nd World War Holocaust and the Russian Gulags in Siberia, she managed to survive to tell her memories of bravery to the world. She believes in the power of stories.

Ethel Hauzer was raised in her grandmother’s seamstress workshop where all the women of the family used to sew, from generation to generation, for the most important stores in the city. She is also a musician and a free spirit woman. She believes in the power of fashion and self-expression.

Erika Stiglitz, their granddaughter, after 10 years of working as a graphic designer, fashion consultant and managing her own Concept store in her native Uruguay, created Nina Hauzer, a project that honors the power of stories inspired by her grandmothers. From the combination of their names and spirits, Nina Hauzer was born. With the conviction of finding the finest artisans for her most special and unique leather goods, she moved to Spain where Nina Hauzer is now based, Every style, every campaign is based on a story she writes with Nina and Ethel’s inspiration. We believe in the power of stories. This is ours, let’s write yours.


Every Nina Hauzer shoe has a signature line in the back of the heel. We are proud of every single powerful woman who wears Nina Hauzer and leads her life in every step. We believe you can get anything you want if you feel fabulous in your own shoes.

Sometimes we like to imagine there’s a line.
There is a fine line that is created when we walk
and that line is even stronger when you are a woman.
There is a line that is marked with every step,
with every decision, with every adventure.
This line doesn’t need to be straight, it can be messy, with big and small curves.
It maybe comes and goes many times.
We walk along the way leaving that line behind us, most of the times
without being conscious, without looking back.
That line follows your stories, makes you who you are,
but you can change at every moment
where are you going to leave your mark?

The shoes are just a compliment, just a tool.
Companions of your finest stories, witnesses of your days of glory,
of the days you want to run away or the ones when you run for joy,
to reach your loved ones, when you get to the final point.

One day those precious objects will tell your stories,
you will look at them with a smile and say, we did it. You did it.
And maybe look back at that line and smile gently,
knowing there’s someone that maybe that day will follow that line on her new shiny shoes, and start walking innocently

Erika Stiglitz, Madrid, 2018.