The materials we use are chosen with the greatest care, and their handcrafted treatment makes them irregular and individual. If you follow our product care recommendations, your accessory should age beautifully.

To prolong the enjoyment of your Nina Hauzer  accessory we recommend the following:

– Keep your accessory in the dust bag provided whenever you can, to protect it from being marked.
– Take extra care with light colored items, which tend to mark more easily. They are susceptible to discoloration, so avoid contact with darker items.
– Do not overfill your handbag, as it may lose shape or you may damage its handles.
– Take particular care when using embellished accessories as they are especially delicate and scuffing may damage or dislodge embellishments.
– Our saddle and calfskin leathers may scratch easily, but this adds to your accessory’s individuality, it will age beautifully.

Our materials are not water-resistant; if exposed to water, leave wet leather to dry naturally – never use artificial heat. We advise stuffing handbags to help keep their shape while drying.

Do not expose your accessory to oil, makeup or permanent dyes, as these can stain. In the event your accessory is soiled – other than with permanent dyes – try gently dabbing the leather with a clean, dry cloth and mild leather cream.